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Ukraine may cash in on Irish experience in dealings with Donbas – Vitali Portnikov

The Irish experience may be helpful for Ukraine to deal with the situation in Crimea and Donbas, renowned journalist Vitali Portnikov writes on

 “There is a third way. Not to reject the Minsk agreements, but to do everything to give Donbas a special status. Stay in the talks, offer its terms, listen to the arguments of our opponents.

In other words, not to give Putin and western partners an excuse to accuse Ukraine of spurning the Minsk agreements. Still, find any possibility to disrupt their implementation,” Portnikov says.  

This may result in a lengthy loss of Donbas and Crimea, but it is better to lose a territory for some time rather than sacrifice Ukraine’s sovereignty, the journalists proposes. 

 “Ireland survived without Ulster, and we will live some time without the occupied part Donbas or Crimea. If the occupied parts get a special status and elections are held with the bulk of the locals being loyal to Russia, they will enter Ukraine as a Russia-controlled territory,” Vitali Portnikov says.

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