Wednesday, 31 August, 2016, 7:40 People
Cops to be dismissed for inaction

Aug. 30, YouTube carried a video post showing how several police officers could not deal with two hooligans in the center of Mykolayiv who were shouting obscenities at and intimidating the cops for some time.

The cops were indecisive and merely tried to calm the loud-mouthed offenders.

YouTube audiences, which included Rada lawmaker Boryslav Bereza, Poroshenko’s adviser Yury Biruykov and interior minister’s adviser Anton Herashchenko, were indignant at the police inaction.

The patrolmen who were just present at the scene and avoided any resolute actions in the face of obscenities being said about the police will be dismissed from the service, a highly place Kyiv official official said. 


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