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Kremlin mafia openly proposing West umbrella against ISIS terrorism

Putin opted for blowing up apartment buildings in Moscow to come to power. Putin sent Tsarnayev brothers to America to persuade Trump to cooperate with Kremlin, says Russia-based expert Andrei Piontkovsky, “I” reports Aug. 22.

Putin is one step short of a geopolitical victory, and he won’t miss a chance to win the 3rd World War on a foreign turf with minimum casualties, he says.

There is a growing amount of evidence pointing to Kremlin’s strategic cooperation with ISIS and the use of ISIS as a steamroller to weaken and ruin the West, Piontkovsky says. 

Thousands of Russians and former Soviet citizens have joined ISIS, he says.

Russia is blackmailing the West following every ISIS attack on Europe, demanding the lift of sanctions and cooperation with Putin – or the attacks will continue. Putin is offering the West an umbrella against ISIS terrorism – on his own terms, Piontkovsky says.

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