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Experts on why Arseni Yatseniuk is lying low

Where is Arseni Yatseniuk? He went down the radar after his resignation but it does not mean he has no political clout left, ICTV says July 28.

Most of the analysts questioned by the ICTV say Yatseniuk is set on staging a triumphal comeback. But the moment for him is still not ripe.

 “Yatseniuk is the leader of the second largest coalition People’s Front party represented in the cabinet by a justice and interior ministers. That makes him one of the most influential politicians in the country,” says political expert Mykola Davydiuk. 

Yatseniuk had a chance to return to big politics due to the July mid-term parliamentary elections, but he deliberately missed the chance.

“It was wise of him not to run for Rada. He believes it is below his size to be a lawmaker,” Vadym Karasyov says.

As the memory of his voters is short-lived, Yatseniuk prefers to play for time – to let his openly disastrous political projects be forgotten.

Still, along his failures, there are some feathers in Yatseniuk’s hat like the refusal to buy the Russian gas and switch to European sellers, restructuring Ukraine’s foreign debts and successful negotiations with western partners.

Against the backdrop of Grojsman’s drab first 100 days as premier, Yatseniuk is waiting for his chance.

As premier, Yatseniuk succeeded in keeping friendly ties with Ukraine’s largest tycoons, Ihor Kolomojski and Rinat Akhmetov. Therefore, it is not ruled out that their powerful media resources will back up Yatseniuk at the 2018 presidential elections, the ICTV survey says.

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