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Number of pilgrims in Kyiv 9,000, police say

The religious procession that converged on Kyiv from Ternopil in Western Ukraine and Donetsk in Eastern Ukraine has about 9,000 pilgrims, the police say, Interfax-Ukrayina reports July 27.

After prayers at the Volodymyr Hill, where Count Volodymyr baptized the Rus in 988, the procession proceeded to the Kyiv Lavra Monastery, the burial place of many Orthodox Church saints and dignitaries. 

The pro-Moscow Ukrainian Orthodox Church, the organizer of the procession, puts the number of pilgrims at 30,000.

The procession is guarded by about 6,000 police and National Guard.

So far, no incidents have been reported, the police say as of 17.00.

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