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Ukraine army losses for July 24: 7 killed, 13 wounded

On July 24, Russian/rebel troops opened fire on Ukraine army positions 58 times, the army says July 25.

 “Most of the enemy attacks happened in the Mriupol zone, 35. The enemy used 122-mm self-propelled artillery, 120-mm and 82-mm mortars, APCs, grenade throwers, AA guns and snipers,” the army report runs.

There were 21 enemy attacks near Donetsk, where the enemy used the same assortment of large-caliber weapons banned by the Minsk agreements.

Enemy infiltration/sabotage groups tried to enter Ukraine-held territory but were repulsed by the army, the report says.

As a result of fierce enemy attacks, Ukraine army lost 7 killed and 13 wounded.

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