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There are provocateurs in religious procession – SBU

SBU has information that there are provocateurs among the members of the pro-Moscow Orthodox church religious procession due to arrive in Kyiv on July 26, Ukraine Security Service head Vasyl Hrytsak says.

Ukraine law-enforcement agencies will form a group to ensure the safety for the procession, Hrytsak says.

Deputy head of the interior ministry Serhy Yarovy says law enforcers won’t let a drop of blood be shed during the procession and festivities in Kyiv.

The procession may be used by anti-Ukrainian forces to destabilize the situation in Ukraine, Hrytsak warns.

Law-enforcers will beef up security at the sites of festivities, searching and making Ukrainians pass through metal detectors, if necessary, he said. 

Meanwhile, activists in Zhytomyr, a city 120 km off Kyiv, banned the procession to pass through the center of the city, diverting it to detour roads.

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