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Onyshchenko runs for shelter to Russia

Corrupt lawmaker and tycoon Oleksandr Onyshchenko is in hiding in Russia which opposes the extradition of criminals sought by Ukraine, expert Taras Berezovets writes in Facebook July 5.

 “Onyshchenko will join a large family of fugitives from Ukraine – ex-president Yanukovych, ex-premier Azatov to name a few.

Taught by bitter experience of Dmytro Firtash, tycoon and corrupt businessman now awaiting trial in Austria, Onyshchenko preferred to breeze to Russia. I hope, Azarov and Arbuzov [ex-finance minister in the Azarov cabinet] will brief him on FSB rates for having a quiet life in Russia, Berezovet writes. 

 “Meanwhile, we must give credit to Prosecutor General Lutsenko, National Anti-Corruption Bureau chief Sytnyk and Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office chief Nazar Kholodnytsky for, if not arresting Onyshchenko, then for disturbing the snaky knot in Rada,” he writes.

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