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70% of residents in rebel-held part of Donbas against union with Russia – Georgy Tuka

Ukraine must send a strong message to the residents of the rebel-held part of Donbas that they can live in peace and prosperity only as part of bigger Ukraine, Deputy Minister for Occupied Territories and Displaced Persons Georgy Tuka said, Espreso TV reports June 28.

 “It is quite possible to get this message across,” the official said.

Now most of the residents in the occupied territories do not support Ukraine. Nor are they in favor of Putin’s plan to unite all Russia-speakers in Ukraine in a part dominated by Russia (the so-called ‘Russian World’), Tuka said.

Tuka also commented on the probability of elections in Donbas. No elections are feasible today or tomorrow. Ukraine first wants to restore its power in the occupied territories, control the border with Russia and let various political parties run a full-scale campaign.

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