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Mother of 5 newborns to get free 3-bedroom apartment in Odesa

Odesa authorities took a decision to present the mother of 5 newborns with a 3-bedroom 100-sq. meter apartment, Odesa city council website reports.

“The birth of 5 children is a unique event for Odesa and Ukraine. It is difficult to raise 5 same age kids and the city authorities took a decision to help the mother. Giving her the apartment is the first step. Later on, the city will help the family to raise the children,” deputy Odesa mayor Zinaida Tsvirinko says.

As the newborns get stronger, they will be moved for treatment to the Reznik child hospital. The mother and her off-springs will be provided with all the pharmaceuticals they need, the official confirmed.

The city will extend additional social benefits for the family.

June 24, 37-year old Oksana Kobyletska gave birth to 3 boys and 2 girls.

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