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Prosecutors searching homes of Kliuyev, Sivkovych

Prosecutors are searching the home of ex-NSDC head and Yanukovych’s chief-of-staff Andri Kliuyev as well as the home of NSDC deputy head Volodymyr Sivkovych, Ukrayinska Pravda reports June 21, citing its sources.

This is the first time that the homes of ex-president Yanukovych insiders incriminated in the bloodshed during the 2013 Maidan revolution are searched. Both ex-officials fled to Russia in 2014. 

The shooting of Maidan revolution protesters happened on Nov. 30, 2013, with Kliuyev and Sivkovych ordering the use of armed police. 

Since 2013, Ukraine prosecutors have ignored the public demands to bring Yanukovych henchmen to account.

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