Tuesday, 31 May, 2016, 9:16 Politics
“Trepak list’ may send political parties tumbling

The National Anti-Corruption Bureau, NABU, has launched an investigation into the ‘Trepak list,’ a roster of politicians and officials who had been paid huge bribes by the Regions party during the reign of Viktor Yanukovych for defecting their parties or giving voting favors.

Other anti-corruption agencies will join NABU to track down the money from the Regions war chest, $2 billion, and their recipients, Radio Svoboda says May 31. 

Contrary to some declarations that the bribes had been given anonymously, the investigators say the recipients had left their signatures on the pay sheets.

 “When the Trepak list is published you will be surprised to learn that the bribes went to political parties, some currently the most avid critics in the Rada,” Lutsenko said.

The Radical party is today one of the most vocal critic of Pres Poroshenko’s policy. Its leader Oleh Lyashko said in a statement that he had known long before about this provocation by the special services.

 “The big question is why they hadn’t launched the investigation when Viktor Trepak was head of SBU anti-corruption department,” Lyashko said, adding the operation is aimed at discrediting the Radical party. 

 Lyashko linked the provocation to the attempt by the Radicals to probe into Pres Poroshenko’s off-shore companies.

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