Sunday, 29 May, 2016, 22:24 Politics
Names of receivers of pay-offs from Regions party must be publicized – Tomenko

The only acceptable way of dealing with the list of politicians and officials who had taken bribes from the Regions party is to publicize them, the leader of the Native Country NGO Mykola Tomenko wrote May 29 in Obizrevatel.

The list was handed over to the National Anti-Corruption Bureau by ex-SBU deputy head May 28.  

The law enforcement agencies, regrettably, do not have the trust of Ukrainians. Therefore, the only way out is to make the whole list public lest some of the names ‘get lost,’ Tomenko said.

Public organizations have to follow up on the investigations, Tomenko proposed.
“Regions paid out in bribes a huge amount - $2 bn. So, the bribe-takers have to repay their bribes to the budget,” Mykola Tomenko said.

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