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Saakashvili angered by SBU search in his adviser’s office

Odesa SBU and prosecutor’s office started a search at the office of Teimuraz Nishnianidze, Odesa governor’s adviser. SBU had been keeping office employees for 4 hours under lock when Saakashvili arrived.

 “I had to break the door because they kept our staff locked without any lawyers. It is a flagrant violation of the law. I believe, it is a political provocation ordered by this imbecile from the prosecutor’s office,” Saakashvili said, pointing at the local prosecutor.

“Even in North Korea they don’t do such things,” Sakashvili commented.

The Odesa governor said he had a telephone conversation with Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko and demanded that the search be stopped. 

Meanwhile, local staff say those who came to the office identified themselves as  the SBU  agents and prosecutors but didn’t provide any confirming documents, Odesa Kanal 7 reports.

The administration staff called in the police to identify the intruders.

The PGO hinted they were unaware of any searches in Odesa oblast administration offices.


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