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Volunteers, army and church have biggest trust of Ukrainians - poll

According to the poll run by the Razumkov center, over 63% of Ukrainians have trust in the volunteers who help supply the army in Donbas.

The army is trusted by 62% of the population.

The number of Ukrainians having trust in the power structures is significantly less that those who have the trust.

Local governments are trusted by 37.5% of Ukrainians, while 50.7% are negative.
The National Anti-Corruption Bureau has the trust of 21.6%, the president of 24.3% and the government of 15.8% of Ukrainians.

Political parties have low approval ratings – at 9.7%.

In case of the parliamentary elections, the Opposition Bloc will get 9.2% of the vote, Samopomich 8.3% and Petro Poroshenko Bloc 7.4%.

72.2% of Ukrainians believe Ukraine is on the wrong track, with 14.2% voicing its approval, DW reports May 13.

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