Tuesday, 10 May, 2016, 8:57 Politics
Ukraine government got used to West’s ‘easy’ money and loath to implement reform

Unimpeded financial aid of the West does not help Ukraine to implement the needed reform because the country’s rulers have got used to easily accessible funding and are loath to reform.

In the opinion of investment consultant Neel Abrams and political expert Steven Feesh, the corruption frenzy in Ukraine has been caused by the domination of the old political elite still in power despite the two Maidan revolutions, 24tv.ua says May 10.  

 “Ukraine leaders could have built effective state institutions to stop money embezzlement and promote the market economy. However, easy access to western aid relieves them of any motives except the wish to retain their status quo,” the western experts say.
Abrams and Feesh are convinced that the changes in Ukraine will be possible and western credits extended only when new politicians that had never sat on any previous governments come to the helm.

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