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Unreformed courts stall police reform

Police officers dismissed from the force after tests and attestation successfully battle their dismissals in courts.

There have been 12 decisions by courts to reinstate the dismissed cops so far, National police press service told DW May 7. 

Kyiv courts alone have received 400 appeals from former police officers, head of Kyiv court of appeals Pavlo Vovk says, with their number all over the country reaching thousands. 

Meanwhile, Kateryna Butko, an activist of an NGO monitoring corrupt police officers’ dismissals, says the attestation commissions were objective in their rulings.

The flood of appeals is the revenge of former police assisted by the courts. Recently, a cop, who scored 11 points on his test out of the total of 60, has been reinstated by the court.

The problem is that the police launched its reform prior to the reform of courts many of which include die-hard corrupt judges, Pavlo Vovk says.

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