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Herashchenko: 10 days-off in May is utter stupidity

If Ukrainians want to put the economy on its feet, they cannot afford 10 days-off in May and the same number in January, Rada lawmaker Iryna Herashchenko writes in Facebook Apr. 28.

 “What’s the difference between the pleadings for cheap gas, low utility tariffs in Ukraine and the demands of Donbas rebels to supply water, gas, and electricity from mainland Ukraine because there are pensioners in the rebel-held territories?, she writes.

 “Why don’t we hear anything from our radical crowd-pleasing political parties about the impossibility to have 10 days-off in May and January if we want to rebuild the economy and raise living standards?” she writes.

 “I’m fed up with this Soviet populism. Their slogans are “don’t do anything,” “don’t pay for anything.” They are just beating their breasts, accusing all right, left and center,” Iryna Herashchenko says.

[In May, Ukrainians mark the international solidarity of workers’ day (May 1,2) and Victory Day on May 9. If these days fall for a Saturday or a Sunday, the festivities are extended -Ed.].

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