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Premier Grojsman appoints corruption-mired official deputy environment minister

Viktor Kantsurak, who figured in the corruption scandal in 2011 regarding the purchase of satellite imagery from an Austrian firm at staggering price, was appointed Apr. 20 deputy to Environment Minister Ostap Semerak by Premier Grojsman.

In 2011, Kantsurak was a member of the ministry’s tendering committee to buy satellite imagery from Austria’s Austroplan Austrian Engineering GMBH.

The Austrian company charged UAH49 mn ($2 mn), while the Kharkiv National Academy’s asking price was merely UAH250,000 ($10,000). 
The Kharkiv proposal was cheap because most of the imagery had been made before and was freely available on the Internet.

However, the tendering committee rejected the Kharkiv proposal on a formal excuse.

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