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President wants puppet prosecutor general – Shabunin

This week A Kyiv court allowed PGO investigators to impound documents and things of the Center for Countering Corruption NGO as well as documents that constitute bank secrecy, CCC head lawmaker Vitali Shabunin said, speaking on ZIK TV March 26.

In so doing, the authorities intend to quash CCC activities aimed at investigating PGO practices, Shabunin said.

“As far as I understand, investigators are looking for the $2 million allegedly stolen by Odesa chief prosecutor David Sakvarelidze from the US embassy. That’s how Prosecutor General Shokin prefers to see it,” Shabunin said.

The lawmaker stressed that the CCC got no money from the US government to reform the PGO.

 “The only funds we received from the US government was the money to train National Anti-Corruption Bureau detectives and to monitor the candidates applying for the job,” he said.

Last week, the US Ambassador Geoffrey Pyatt published on his Facebook page the names of recipient international organizations who got the money, with CCC not among them.

In fact, PGO is out to discredit the CCC to stop releasing information about new appointments within the PGO.

 “As the Rada voting on Shokin’s dismissal is due next Tuesday with little hope for Shokin to remain in office, the president’s and Shokin’s aim is to appoint deputy PGO heads Stolyarchuk or Sevruk to head the PGO,” Shabunin said.

However, the CCC has repeatedly criticized both candidates – Sevruk for failing to reform the prosecution and Stolyarchuk for being involved in a dubious case the PGO failed to investigate.

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