Sunday, 27 March, 2016, 9:28 Politics
Highly hypocritical statement by Russian official

The Budapest memorandum does not have it that the Russian troops didn’t have to land in Crimea, said Russian foreign ministry official Maria Zakharova, Radio Svoboda reports March 27.

She reiterated that in late February 2014 there was a large number of Russian troops in Ukraine, saying it was not larger than envisaged by the agreements.

Zakharova was commenting on the memorandum provision committing the signatory states, Russia including, “to refrain from threats that force can be used and weapons applied against Ukraine’s territorial integrity and political independence.”

Zakharova said a number of the Russian troops may have been deployed in Ukraine in accordance with the Black Sea Fleet agreement.

When Radio Svoboda correspondent argued that the Russian troops didn’t have to land, among other things, in Crimea’s government building, Zakharova accused the correspondent of cooking up the story. 

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