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Attacks of hard-liners on Sakvarelidze pick up

In the latest twist of reform-minded David Sakvarelidze’s stand of with hard-liners in the prosecutor general’s office, a group of Odesa prosecutors and Rada lawmakers voiced their support for PG Viktor Shokin in an open letter and demanded Sakvarelidze’s dismissal as Odesa oblast chief prosecutor.

The authors claim Sakvarelidze did nothing since his appointment 6 months ago to ‘strengthen the rule of law in Odesa.’ All his declarations are crowd pleasers and lies, they say.
Their slander campaign includes such accusations that  Sakvarelidze gives preference to the most expensive hotels and restaurants, forgetting that the latter provide the best security.

Sakvarelidze and his boss, Odesa Governor Mikheil Saakashvili, started a resolute campaign to rid this city of glaring corruption. As an example, Odesa customs, the most corrupt in the country, has been purged and new young reformers appointed to run it.

This has met with the opposition from PGO hardliners, headed by Viktor Shokin. In a recent move, Shokin dismissed a group of prosecutors investigating the high-profile case of ‘diamond prosecutors’ who had 61 diamonds and hundreds of thousands of cash the origin of which they could not explain.

Meanwhile, Pres Poroshenko is sitting on the fence, watching how the conflict of Viktor Shokin ( Poroshenko’s nominee for the job!) will unfold, experts say.

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