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EU paying price for flirting with KGB politicians, Russian journalist says

“I have no doubts that ISIS and Putin’s regime are working in harness, Russian-based journalist Sasha Sotnik writes in Facebook march 23.

 “Putin’s message to Europe runs, ‘I’m not gone from Syria. I’m giving you a hard time anywhere. I’ll keep you on a frying pan and you will moan from pain,’” Sotnik says.

 “Europe must not surrender.

Lecturing is no good now, but the EU is paying for having wooed KGB man Putin for many years.

Over decades, the Russian Mafia has spread its tentacles in the world, buying up lobbyists and politicians like Schroeder and Sarkozy, and playing its revenge on Europe for sanctions and condemning Putin’s inhuman regime. 

I feel this is only the beginning.

The EU cannot stand back regardless of the pain, sufferings and fright. Europe must kill the Putin monster with total sanctions.

The Putin regime is best to be destroyed economically with truly effective sanctions that will kill it in the matter of several months – before the monster kicks back in despair and launches a global catastrophe,” Sasha Sotnik writes. 

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