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Yatseniuk’s resignation may be addressed by Rada soon – Yury Lutsenko

Many lawmakers that wavered at the recent vote of confidence in Arseny Yatseniuk were scared by the period between his dismissal and the formation of a new cabinet. To put them at ease, Rada has to come up with Yatseniuk’s successor, a new cabinet and road map, Lutsenko told journalists March 16, UNIAN reports.

“There are at least three candidates for premiership, and factions are discussing them. However, it will take longer to come up with the cabinet and its action plan, Lutsenko said.

All this work may take the next week, he said.

“With luck, we may call a Rada emergency session next week to address Yatseniuk’s resignation,” he said. 

 According to media experts, the candidates for premier include Speaker Grojsman, Finance Minister Natalia Yaresko, Lviv Mayor Andriy Sadovy and Foreign Minister Pavlo Klymkiv.

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