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Rebels out to capture grey zone near Avdijyvka – Ukraine FM statement

The situation in the Avdijyvks zone has deteriorated sharply, Ukraine foreign ministry statement runs March 13.

The Russian command formed a tactical group consisting of 800 servicemen, 19 tanks, 30 APCs, 122-mm and 152-mm artillery guns, 120-mm and 82-mm mortars and 122-mm Grad missile batteries. In so doing, the Russians violated the Minsk agreement banning heavy artillery 30-km from the touchline.

The shelling of Ukraine army positions do not merely cause the deaths of Ukraine servicemen and civilians but destroy critical life-supporting facilities which may lead to a humanitarian disaster in the area, the FM statement continues.  

If the Donetsk sewage-filtering station is destroyed, the area may be hit by the outbreaks of dysentery and hepatitis.

The rebels and their Russian command are impeding the work of OSCE monitors, since objective and impartial monitoring of the ceasefire situation is not what Moscow needs, the foreign ministry statement says. 

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