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Gorbachov was God’s tool to break up USSR – Marynovych

God, not Mikhail Gorbachov, broke up the USSR. Gorbachov was merely his tool, human rights activist and dissident, publicist and religious expert Myroslav Marynovych told ZIK March 2 on the anniversary of Gorbachov's 85th birthday.

“The USSR collapse was not Gorbachov’s doing. Gorby wanted to save the system, give it a humane face and pull it out of the steep nosedive. He failed in this,” Marynovych said.

“All the events of his life indicate that he didn’t intend to perform the role of the Soviet Union destroyer.

Some of Gorbachov’s actions had a happy end. He contributed to the emergence of a free and independent Ukraine. It is Gorbachov’s great historical role.

His current open anti-Ukrainian declarations are no surprise because it was not him who destroyed the USSR – he was the tool of God.

Gorbachov is a run-of-the-mill Soviet and now Russian politician. He has made feeble attempts to criticize Putin as he realizes where the situation in Russia is headed.

It is clear, however, that he will not stand by Ukraine. For Gorbachov, the Belarussian treaty on the divide of the USSR is his personal tragedy,” Myroslav Marynovych stressed.

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