Thursday, 3 March, 2016, 18:39 Politics
Ban on Mejlis to open way to repression – Crimean Tatar leader

The Russian authorities want to ban the Crimean Tatar Assembly (Mejlis), saying it is an extremist organization. The court started its hearings on March 3.

If the Crimean court passes the ban, over 2,000 Crimean Tatar activists may be viewed as terrorists, Crimean Tatar leader Refat Chubarov told journalists in Kyiv March 3.

“The court ban will be illegal. The prosecution against the Mejlis is unlawful and criminal,” Chubarov said.

The ban on Mejlis will open the way to repression against Crimean Tatars. Mejlis is made up of 250 local Mejlises, with their heads becoming the targets of persecutions, Chubarov said. 

The maltreatment of Crimean Tatars will continue as long as Ukraine reinstates its sovereignty over the peninsula, Chubarov said.

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