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Russia behind crisis with Syrian fugitives – Gen. Breedlove

NATO’s Commander in Europe Gen. Philip Breedlove accused Russia of helping the Syrian regime to create a crisis of fugitives. Russia is using the crisis as a weapon against Europe, Breedlove said March 1.

Addressing the Senate armed forces committee, he said Russia is only assisting the ISIS growing cancer tumor, BBC’s Russian service reported. 

Despite its declarations Russia did little to counter ISIS, only strengthening Syrian dictator Assad’s positions, Breedlove said.

Russia and Assad are using massive migration of Syrians as a weapon to damage Europe’s infrastructure.

As an example, the general told about the casket bombs against civilians. This weapon cannot be justified against civilians. Its purpose is to intimidate the Syrians into fleeing their country.

Terrorists, criminals and mercenaries penetrate Europe in the flood of fugitives, seriously increasing the threat of terrorist acts in Europe, Breedlove said.

Breedlove also pointed out that Russia is posing an increasingly bigger threat for the United States.

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