News » Economy 24 February, 2016, 10:31
Tycoons eager to bankrupt energy companies, not see them prepared for sell-off

By the official start of privatization there won’t be any plum property in the energy sector to go to the auction. Ukraine courts are considering numerous cases of bankruptcies of electricity sector power plants and utility companies Tsentrenerho, Odesa Power Plant, Cherkasyoblenerho, Kharkivoblenerho and Zap[orizhyaoblenerho, anti-corruption website reports Feb. 24.

All these companies are involved in funneling money via the HK Enerhomerezha, continues.

Politically, this large-scale scheme is implemented by president’s buddy Ihor Kononenko who is actually a person to balance the interests of Surkis brothers and Kostyantyn Hryhoryshyn, reports.

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