Tuesday, 23 February, 2016, 23:08 Politics
Ukraine army positions near Avdiyivka shelled by heavy artillery

The Donbas rebels used large-caliber artillery to shell Ukraine army outposts near Avdijyvka. In Avdijyvka, car alarm systems went off and chandeliers in homes teetered because of artillery salvos, locals said.

According to the former army spokesman Olexy Dmytrashkivsky, the shelling started at 17.00.

 “Heavy fighting is going on near Avdijyvka. The rebels are using large-caliber artillery. As heavy shells explode, window panes shatter, chandeliers teeter and car alarms systems go off. Ukraine servicemen return fire using merely small arms. The imp[ression is that the separatists have started an offensive,” one of the locals said.

Recent intelligence reports from Donbas indicate that the rebels are pulling tanks and Grad missiles closer to the neutral zone. From Horlivka, reports say that local hospitals are signing out patients without serious problems – to make room for new patients. Doctors from Donetsk were ordered to move to Horlivka. 

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