Sunday, 21 February, 2016, 19:24 Politics
OUN denies involvement in Saturday attacks on Russian banks

Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists head Bohdan Chervak denied any complicity of OUN in the attacks on Russian banks and Akhmetov’s office in Kyiv Feb. 20.

On this day, OUN battalion servicemen were in Mykolayi to attend the memorial service in honor of the Heaven Platoon protesters killed during the 2014 revolution in Kyiv, he said.

The attackers who identified themselves as belonging to the volunteer battalion led by Kokhanivsky have nothing to do with OUN, he stressed. 

The attack was not the first provocation aimed to compromise nationalists, he said.

 “A true Ukrainian nationalist will never throw stones at Ukrainians. OUN will never play into Kremlin’s hands. OUN members do not wear balaclavas,” he said.

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