Thursday, 18 February, 2016, 17:45 Politics
Samopomich leaves ruling coalition

Samopomich, the ruling coalition third largest faction, decided to leave the ruling coalition Feb. 18,

Its leader Oleh Bereziuk told this to journalists: “We cannot remain in the coalition together with our partners who were party to an oligarchic coup.”

Samopomich will initiate a platform to unite experts and public to work out a common positions regarding the Constitution, reforms and the road map, he said.

The early parliamentary elections are to be held with open election rosters of candidates, he stressed.

He also urged lawmakers from Poroshenko Block and People’s Front who oppose the attempts to strengthen the power of thieves and oligarchs to leave their factions.

With the departure of Samopomich from the ruling coalition, the latter has no simple majority and cannot be regarded as a ruling coalition.


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