Wednesday, 17 February, 2016, 15:14 Politics
Iryna Herashchenko points to corruption in Rada

Ukraine is moving fast toward the early parliamentary elections, a heavyweight member of the BPP (Poroshenko Block) faction said, addressing a Rada session Feb. 17.

Commenting on Feb. 16 vote of no-confidence in Arseny Yatseniuk’s cabinet, she stressed the number of votes cast to recognize the cabinet’s 2015 track record as bad (more than the simple majority) and the number cast for the no-confidence vote (40 votes fewer).

“Why didn’t these 40 lawmakers vote?” she asked.

She called the vote a put-up scenario, noting that BPP, like other parties, played a unattractive role in it. 

Herashchenko says Rada is headed for a serious political crisis, moving fast toward the early elections.


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