Saturday, 6 February, 2016, 19:18 Politics
Kasko accuses PGO of feet-dragging on confiscation of illegal assets

In 2015, a total of UAH300,000 ($12,000) was confiscated into the budget by prosecutors. However, there was not even a hryvnia belonging to Yanukovych or his family, the reform-minded deputy prosecutor general, Vitali Kascko, told Feb. 6.

This is a laughable sum, given the level of corruption in Ukraine, Kasko said.

All the talk about returning this and bigger sums to the budget is pure crowd-pleasing, Kasko said.

Explaining why no money stolen by Yanukovych and his gang have been confiscated so far, Kasko said there has been no convicting court sentences regarding former officials. “Not a single,” he stressed. [International courts can respond only to convictions of stealing public money passes by Ukrainian courts].

Reacting to accusations about no headway in confiscation cases, the prosecutor general’s office replied it cannot cope with complex international cases, Kasko said.

Kasko hinted that Ukraine’s law enforcement and government are merely tossing the hot potato, showing no intention to harm Yanukovych and his goons who fled with billions of dollars. 


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