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Ukraine fat cats agree to jump straight

Representatives of Ukraine’s big and medium-sized business formed the “Ukrainian Business Initiative” movement and signed a declaration to pay taxes honestly and stop bankrolling politicians, Ekonomichna Pravda reports Feb. 1.

The declaration runs, among other things:

“We, the owners of big and medium businesses are aware that part of the responsibility for the on-going crisis is shared by us.

UBI sets as it goal to promote economic growth of Ukraine.

Businessmen undertake a responsibility to invest their money in Ukraine and create new jobs with competitive salaries.

Business is interested in fair justice, plain level field for all participants and reiterates its commitment to play by these rules.

There is no trust in the business-power-public triangle. Without trust, no investment is likely. 

UBI has among its members such heavyweights as Serhi Taruta, Vitali Antonov, Yevhen Utkin, Viktopr Pinchuk, Viktor Tsoi, Ihor Liski, Lev Bleizer. 

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