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Ukraine trebles transit payments for Russian gas

A s of Jan. 1, Ukraine has trebled transit payments for the Russian gas pumped to EU. From $2.5 per 1,000 cubic meters to $7.9, Apostrof reports Jan. 18.

The decision to raise the tariffs was taken on Dec. 29, 2015. If earlier, the transit tariff between Ukraine and Russia was based on the 2009 contract, now it will be based on the Ukrainian law “On Natural Gas Market” and will be contingent to state regulation.

So far, the Russians have vehemently dismissed the new tariff.

Meanwhile, the new tariff is absolutely reasonable and is grounded on the EU Energy Community protocol and the agreement between Ukraine and the EU on association. Expert Mykhailo Honchar of the Strategy XXI think tank. “The same steps were taken by the European companies to bring their contracts in harmony with their legislation. The contract with Russia cannot override the new national legislation ,” he says. 

In fact, Russia’s Gazprom is using this system of tariff-setting in its dealings with Slovakia and other EU countries, the expert notes.

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