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Turchynov: Russia starts hybrid war on Europe, Turkey

Russia is after weakening positions of these countries, forcing them to fight terrorism on Moscow’s terms, says Ukraine’s Defense and Security Council head Oleksandr Turchynov in a statement Jan. 13

He said that during the investigation of the recent blast in Turkey killing 8 German tourists and seriously wounding 15, the Turkish police detained 3 Russians suspected of being involved in staging the blast. 

 “More and more information is surfacing about the active roles Russia’s special services play in targeting ISIS terrorist acts,” Turchynov said. 

The analysis of Russia’s air strikes in Syria show that civilian targets are destroyed in the first turn, such as hospitals, bakeries, grain elevators and houses, not ISIS military bases as Russia claims. These air strikes are aimed at bringing about a humanitarian catastrophe in Syria, Turchynov stressed.

 “Permanent threat to their lives leads to million-strong migration exodus to Turkey and EU, causing terrorist risks and ruining social and economic stability in these countries.

“All these factors weaken positions of these countries, forcing them to cooperate with Russia in the alleged fight against terrorism on Moscow’s terms,” Turchynov said.

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