Tuesday, 5 January, 2016, 18:44 Politics
Ban on Ukrainian language to backlash against pro-Moscow priests

Lawmaker Iryna Herqashchenko is angered by the decision of the leaders of Ukraine’s pro-Moscow Orthodox church to stop delivering prayers in the Ukrainian in the central part of the country.

Writing in Facebook Jan. 5, Herashchenko says, “In many villages in central Ukraine where the locals communicate only in Ukrainian the Moscow-affiliated church take the dominant positions. Now, its leaders decide not to deliver prayers in Ukrainian. I was stunned to hear the news.”

It is a mean attempt to destroy Ukraine’s foundations via the language, she says.

 “This idea, far from God’s commandments, could have been borne only by the NKVD-minded Orthodox leaders in Moscow. It will backlash against them because Ukrainian villagers won’t let them destroy their spiritual base, the Ukrainian language,” Iryna Herashchenko says. 

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