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Dec. 18, rebels opened fire 59 times – Ukraine army

The situation along the touchline in Donbas remains strained, showing signs of escalation. During Dec. 18, the rebels fired 59 times on Ukraine army positions, the army says.

About noon, the rebels made two salvos from mobile Grad-P missile system. Seven unguided missiles were fired in the area of Troyitske, Luhansk oblast.

After nightfall, the intensity of enemy fire increased.

The enemy used 82-mm mortars to shell the areas near Zajtseve and Krasnohorivka. Ukraine army positions near Marjynka and Krasnohorivka came under enemy aimed fire from grenade launchers, large caliber machine guns and AA-guns.

To save their lives, Ukraine troops had to return fire using unbanned weapons and forcing the enemy to stop fire.

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