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Number of illegal immigrants detained in Ukraine up 2.5 times, up 7 times on border with Hungary

The State Border Service registers that the number of illegal immigrants detained in Ukraine has grown 2.5 times on 2014. Their number on the border with Hungary has soared 7 timers, SBS head Col. Viktor Nazarenko said, addressing a meeting of EU border-protecting agencies in Lviv Dec. 2.

Over the past 4 months, Ukraine border guards held 5 joint operations with their EU partners, detaining 1,327 migrants and preventing 4,300 migrants from entering Ukraine and planning to illegally cross the border into the EU, the SBS head said.

Illegal migration can exist because it is supported by trans-border criminal gangs, and Ukraine and the EU countries must deal with them, Nazarenko said.

Hungarian border guards detained 390,000 illegal immigrants this year. Due to effective work, their number has fallen from tens of thousands a day to several scores a day, a Hungarian official said.

Hungarian officials predict that the main channel of illegal migration to the EU will go via Russia and Ukraine.

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