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Poroshenko allows military to return enemy fire

According to Dmytro Tymchuk, Luhansk rebels have been put on red alert. The attacks on Ukraine army positions have intensified over several past days, with the rebels using mortars which should have been pulled out under the Minsk agreements, reports Nov. 14.

Since the announced heavy artillery pull-out, Ukraine army has been banned to return enemy fire – to the point when ammo boxes in Ukraine units were sealed.

Given a sharp intensification of enemy attacks in Donbas, Pres Poroshenko allowed troops to return enemy fire if their lives are threatened.

National Security and Defense Council head O. Turchynov said that the peace process in Donbas had not crossed the point of no return to past hostilities.

Although the war in Donbas costs $5 mn a day, Ukraine cabinet ruled to increase the war budget by 5% of the GDP in 2016.

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