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Enemy tanks near Kalinin mine indicate rebels’ plans to attack

The 20 camouflaged tanks near the Kalinin mine and 4 more near Marjynka revealed by Ukraine army intelligence clearly show that the enemy is preparing to attack, expert Kyrylo Sazonov writes in Facebook Nov. 10.

The concentration of tanks near the frontline has only one purpose – to attack, he says.

The expert says the following scenario is likely: the rebels fire on civilian houses in Donetsk or Horlivka, putting the blame on Ukraine army and stressing the need to defend civilians. That is when the tanks will come into action, the expert assumes. 

However, the rebels do not have the potential for a massive attack against Ukraine. Therefore, they will blackmail Kyiv by launching a limited offensive, Sazonov says.

Meanwhile, the decisions on Donbas are taken in Moscow, and there is no knowing what may the Kremlin leader have in his head, the expert says.

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