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Korban deserves respect, but his illegal business activity lasted too long

Yury Lutsenko, the head of Petro Poroshenko Bloc in Rada, said he will soon table the bill on a court jury that will try Korban, Lutsenko wrote in Facebook Nov. 1.

 “Korban’s arrest could have been predicted. For all his life he has been bending the law, being implicated in murders and forays on property.

Korban could have started from a clean page when the war in Donbas broke out. He did much to counter the separatism in Dnipropetrovsk – and this earns him a lot of respect. But he crossed the line in business, Lutsenko said.

Like Korban, other suspects in bending the law in Ukraine must be brought to account, he said. They include Yanukovych government officials and some of the present regime.

 “Why did the cleansing stop? Because of sabotage, unprofessionalism or procrastination? Without punishing the past crooks the law enforcement won’t have a mandate for a massive onslaught on corruption.

Either the police and SBU start netting them now or we will have new police and SBU, and, possibly, parliament,” Lutsenko warned.

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