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Harassment of diaspora Ukrainians in Russia

The Russian authorities are openly harassing diaspora Ukrainians living in Russia, said co-head of “Ukrainians of Moscow” NGO Viktor Girzhov in his interview with Ukrinform Oct. 19.

Gurzhov was taken off the train from Kyiv to Moscow on Oct. 15. He said he was banned to enter Russia till Sept. 1, 2020 on a laughable pretext of violating the border-crossing procedure.

He said the Russian authorities closed 2 federal organization of diaspora Ukrainians – Federal National/Cultural Autonomy of Ukrainians and Association of Ukrainians of Russia. 

The Ukrainian diaspora has dwindled by a million (by a third) since 2002.
 “The fact is explained by the massive change of their nationality by diaspora Ukrainians under pressure from the authorities,” Viktor Girzhov said.

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