News » People 14 October, 2015, 6:49
Discontent growing among residents of Donetsk breakaway republic

In the occupied Donbas, especially in heavily devastated cities the discontent of the local population with the authorities is on the increase, a Donetsk journalist writes in Apostrof Oct. 14.

Among other things, the locals criticize the rebel authorities for failing to repair their houses and facilities. For example, no repairs have been started in the heavily devastated cities like Debaltseve, Ilovajsk and Vuhlehirsk.

Instead of tackling social, humanitarian and other problems, the rebels keep up holding various holidays, forums and events (including tank biathlon!).

As a result, even the staunchest separatists now are beginning to smell a rat.

 “We’ve had enough of celebrations,” the locals complain. “They have money to bring guest performers and print thousands of placards, while our roofs are leaky and they do not have the funds to fix them,” the locals say.

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