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Putin will never cancel fake elections in Donbas – expert

Despite his promises in Paris, Vladimir Putin will not cancel the fake elections in the rebel-held territories, Dmytro Snehiryov says, Replyua reports Oct. 5.

Putin’s craving to have a simmering conflict in eastern Ukraine to have leverage over Kyiv is as strong as ever, the expert says.

If the fake elections are held and new Donbas leaders elected, Putin will try to force Kyiv to come to the table of negotiations and talk to his henchmen.

However, Ukraine is unwilling to let in to Putin’s blackmail. Everything depends now on Poroshenko’s attitude, Snehiryov says.

If Poroshenko holds his ground and demand on the implementation of the Minsk agreements, the fake elections will be off the agenda, the expert says.

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