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Putyin will never abide by two conditions regarding Ukraine – Piontkovsky

The only positive of the Minsk agreements is the pull-out of heavy artillery and missile batteries from the touchline. Russia will not abide by other terms of the agreement, Putin’s renowned critic and Russian political expert Andrej Piontkovski said Oct. 3, Hromadske TV reports.

There won’t be any military escalation if Donbas as the West has clearly set the price Putin would pay if he tries to capture Mariupol or lay a land corridor to Crimea – tough economic sanctions and sell of lethal weapons to Ukraine, the expert says.

Russia will never abide by two terms of the Minsk agreement – the pull-out of its troops (because it has never admitted it has them in Ukraine) and give control of the border back to Ukraine, Piontkovski says.

After the collapse of his plan to create Novorossiya in southern Ukraine, Putin has switched to Plan B – to shove the devastated territories back to Ukraine, let rebel leaders be elected to the legislature and make Kyiv pay for the rebuilding of Donbas, the expert says. 

The present conflict will end in a TransNistria-type frozen stand-off, A. Piontkovski says.

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