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Poroshenko: recovery of Donbas under way, Crimea next in line

Pres Poroshenko believes the recovery of Donbas is under way as not a single shot has been fired over the past 3 days, Ukrayinska Pravda reports.

In an interview with 3 TV channels late Oct. 4, Pres Poroshenko said, “the 3-day long silence gives us hope that we will eventually recover Donbas.”

He named conditions on which Ukraine will be ready to hold any negotiations on Donbas. They are listed in the Minsk agreements – pull-out of Russian troops from Donbas, control of the border with Russia, operation of Ukrainian TV channels and political parties in Donbas, and elections under the Ukrainian laws. 

After the recovery of Donbas, similar steps are to be taken to regain control over Crimea, the president said.


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