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Lutsenko tells about how much control US has over Ukraine’s government

The United States is closely eyeing the situation in Ukraine, and its assistance is critical to Kyiv, head of Poroshenko-led faction in Rada Yury Lutsenko told in an interview with TCH Aug. 20.

 “Ukraine can win the war with Russia only as part of the anti-Putin coalition of the United States, EU and Ukraine,” he said.

“Many, including the American, experts believe the US president is not using all the options of his big country to ensure the victory of Kyiv. Yet, the US assistance is critical for Ukraine,” he added.

 “Giving us help, the US government asks us whether the Ukrainian government has implemented all its commitments of which the major is fighting grand high-level corruption.

I think, such kind of relations between the allies is sound. There is no foreign interference in the way Kyiv is running the country,” he said.

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