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Poroshenko has support of 14.6% of Ukrainians

If the presidential election was held in mid-July, Petro Porosheko would be the winner, says the poll by the Kyiv International Institute of Sociology, Ukrayinska pravda reports July 20.

Yulia Tymoshenko has the support of 13.9% of Ukrainians, with Anatoly Hrytsenko at 4.6%, Oleh Lyashko at 4.3%, Andry Sadovy at 3.8%, Dmytro Yarosh at 3.1% and Yury Bojko (former Regions member) at 2.4%.

13.6% of Ukrainians would not show up at the elections, with 23.9% undecided voters. 

The poll was not held in Crimea and rebel-held territories of Donbas.

Since May, 2015, Pres Poroshenko has increased his support by one percentage point.

Poroshenko won the highest office on May 25, 2014 scoring 54.7% of the vote.

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